Shopping Barefoot

qtq80-ue7P19Do you think about sustainability when you shop? Honestly, I don’t have the best track record. I get caught up on labels, health claims and deals. I recently watched the documentary “Before the Flood” hosted by Leonardo DeCaprio and it really had me thinking about sustainability. I find this to be a huge struggle and like many, I am addicted to consumerism. I probably buy something everyday, even if it’s just a latte. But what about the paper cup the latte was in? Or the sweat shop that produced my families clothes and then shipped it across the world using fossil fuels? If I can’t quit this cycle, who will be able to?

I am not your average hippie. I love shopping, like REALLY love it and I’m not going to give it up. Instead, I am going to transition into a conscious consumer. I’m still going to follow the trends but look for eco-friendly versions and try to shop locally. I’ll keep my eyes out for clothes made in the USA and try to limit my carbon footprint. As I discover these items, I’ll link them on my YouTube channel, Instagram and this blog for you to follow along.

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